Registering Online

For beginners to experiment with Azure,

Step 1: Create new Account

For creating a new account, you can use the url:


Click on the “Try it free now!” button and you will be prompted with the following screen:


Proceed with clicking the “Get the free trial” button and now you will be prompted with the windows live id authentication. You can use an msn/hotmail id to login. If you do not have a live id, then create one and login.


After logging in, you will be prompted with the following screen:


Enter the details and click the Next button to see the following screen:


Click next to continue..

Step 2: Provide Credit Card Details

After clicking next, you will be prompted to provide the Credit Card details. Please not that the charges will be held on credit card if:

  • Any usage after 90 days of trial period
  • The usage exceeded the computation limits within the trial period

One can use Greybox ( to monitor the consumption in the specified account. This will ensure that no unattended usage causes billing problems later.

After providing the details click the Submit button and the creation process is completed.

Step 3: Verify Account

Now login to the Window Azure Portal using the link below:


Click on the Sign in to the Management Portal and provide your credentials. You will be getting the following verification screen.


Step 4: Management Portal

After successful registration, you will be able to see the following portal screen:


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