eBook on Windows Azure

I am very much happy to compile my first eBook – Upscaling to Windows Azure.  This is an orderly arrangement of my articles over Windows Azure.  The eBook should help the developer in getting a good grip over the Windows Azure Platform.


Download eBook

This eBook is free to be distributed.  You can download the book here.

Pages: 215

Size: 16 MB

Download Source Code

The source code of examples discussed in the eBook can be downloaded here.

(The hosting of zip files is not supported in blog, so external provider is used to store the file.  After clicking the link above, use Download button to save the file.)


Please feel free to provide me suggestions on improvements as this is my first eBook.

3 thoughts on “eBook on Windows Azure

  1. Vinu Kumaran says:

    Hai Jean,

    Thanks for a nice and exclusive eBook…

    1. Jean Paul says:

      Thanks a lot Vinu for the good words..
      You can try the Design Patterns book too.

  2. saeed ahmad says:


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