SharePoint 2010 – Central Administration

In this article I would like to experiment with Central Administration web application.

About Central Administration

The SharePoint Central Administration is a website used for:

· Application Management (Web Application, Sites, Lists, Services etc.)

· Monitoring (Job Status, Problems etc.)

· Security

· Application Settings, System Settings

· Performing Backup/Restore

· Configure Search, Services, Migration Assisting etc.

In summary the Central Administration is the Administrator/Developer tool. It is used to manage the websites for other users.

Opening Central Administration

We can access central administration from the start menu item:


On executing the command you can see the following screen in browser (ensure you provided the credentials properly – by default it will be system username and password)


Now we are ready to explore web applications. Before that we need to go through the hierarchy of web application, sites etc.


Following is the hierarchy of SharePoint Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, Site, Lists and Documents.


Following is the description of the items in the above image:

Server Farm: Server Farm contains multiple components like SharePoint server, Database server providing multiple Web Applications spanned over multiple machines. For development machines one single machine can support all the components.

Web Application: Web Application contains multiple Site Collections. This could be equivalent to an ASP.NET application.

Site Collection: Site Collection contains multiple Sites

Site: Site contains Lists, Documents etc.

Viewing existing Web Applications

On installation, there are 2 web applications by default:

1. SharePoint Port 80 which is the user facing one

2. SharePoint Central Administration meant for Administrators

To view the web applications, click on the Manage web applications link under Applications Management category. You can see the following screen:


Please note the URLs for each web applications.



In this article we have seen the hierarchy of SharePoint and creation of WebSite and SiteCollection.

7 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 – Central Administration

  1. ashok says:

    Why did I encounter HTTP 500 Internal Server Error on SharePoint 2010?
    can u please solve my issue

    1. Jean Paul says:

      Hello Ashok,

      There are many possibilities for this error to occur, like Required Windows Services are not running, IIS Central Admin application is stopped etc.

      You can check the above and if did not worked, please run the Products & Configuration wizard. It should fix the problem.

      Jean Paul

      1. Ashok says:

        HI Jean,

        i done everything what you said, but i am unable to open central administration.

        getting same error http 500 internal server error-configuraion failed


  2. Aman says:

    HTTP 500 Internal Server Error: While opening Central Administration | SP 2010 using Windows 7

    I am having this error while opening Central Administration of SP 2010
    I checked the event viewer got this as the last entry……..


    Log Name: Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Shared/Operational
    Source: Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Server Search
    Date: 14-02-2013 23:35:08
    Event ID: 97
    Task Category: Admin Audit
    Level: Information
    Computer: Aman-PC
    An incremental crawl was started on ‘Local SharePoint sites’ by NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE.
    Event Xml:



    Microsoft-SharePoint Products-Shared/Operational

    Local SharePoint sites


    Even I am unable to change the windows features but was not successful. Same result when tried with command prompt using step 2 point 5 in ….

    P.S.: I am using windows 7 professional & checked out that the IIS 7.5 does not have WINDOWS AUTHENTICATION OPTION ….
    could that be the problem?

    Please help me with it I am unable to find a fruitful answer online……

    1. JP says:

      Hello Aman,

      Sorry for the late reply.. I recommend you try adding the required authentication mechanisms for IIS.
      (through control panel > add / remove > windows components > iis)

      Jean Paul

  3. cyril says:

    hi jean,

    I am a beginner to sharepoint 2010, I want to know more precisely about what sharepoint does and do you have any idea how to grasp the sharpoint basics and please reference me some basics materials or links to become a sharepoint developer..

    Thanks in Advance

    1. jeanpaulva says:

      Hello Cyril,

      SharePoint is another World Wonder that improves productivity & help people..
      You can go through my free book to get more deep idea. It is FREE!!

      Welcome to the world of SharePoint!!

      Jean Paul

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