SharePoint 2010 – Creating Web Application

SharePoint 2010 – Creating Web Application

In the previous article we have seen how to view the existing web applications using Central Administration.

IIS Manager

Each web application inside SharePoint are configured along with IIS (Internet Information Services). Use the inetmgr command to view the IIS Manager as shown below:


The above highlighted applications represent the SharePoint port 80 web application and Central Application web application.

Steps in creating Web Application

Now we can create the web application inside our SharePoint instance. New web application can be used to support a new set of users. For creating please follow the following steps.

Open the Central Administration from Start Menu and click on Manage Web Applications item.


In the appearing window you can see 2 items. The default web site and Central Administration site. The default web site is created on SharePoint installation. The Central Administration is the website which is used by Administrators – it contains items to manage existing web sites, create new website and other tasks. Click on the New button from Ribbon UI.

Here you can set the following options:

· IIS Web site

· Application Pool

· Security

· Database Name

Leave the default values except in the Security Account in Application Pool.

Press the Ok button and you will see following busy screen. Web Application creation is a time consuming process and may take several minutes.

Waiting for a while you can see that the new web application is created.

Please note the port number of our new web application.


In this article we have seen how to create a new web application using Central Administration. Please note that each web application created are created inside IIS for the machine.

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