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I am very much happy to compile my third eBook: SharePoint 2010 Administration & Development. This book provides developers a good start with SharePoint 2010 Development.  Additionally, chapters on SharePoint Installation, Basics of Administration are included.


Download eBook
You can download the eBook here

Download Source
You can download the source code of examples in the book here

Pages: 253
Size: 10 MB

Full Edition Launched!

You can find the Full Edition of the book in hard cover from Amazon.


New Additions:  625+ Pages (triple content), Real Life Scenarios for Thinking in the SharePoint Way, Interview Questions

14 thoughts on “eBook on SharePoint 2010

  1. digish a d says:

    I am going to try the programming section some time later.

    1. Jean Paul says:

      Good Idea Digish!

  2. v.s.rkrishna says:

    paul your sharepoint e book is not downlaodable plz correct it

  3. v.s.rkrishna says:

    plz provide alternate link to download

  4. SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard refused to run on my Windows 7 machine. The following page solved that problem:
    Regards, Bengt Nilsson, Sweden

  5. chandru says:

    Hi Jean , I m a newbie.. I am working on sharepoint for past 2 months. But still i m not confident in doing codings.. But i m doing good at the ootb functionalities.. Suggest me some basic tutorials to start and develop my coding skills.(From the basics)
    Thanks in advance

    1. Jean Paul says:

      Hello Chandru.. Welcome to the world of SharePoint!

      As programming is your query I prefer the following:

      1. c-sharpcorner.com tutorials

      2. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17215

      3. try my ebook too :)

      You have to have solid understanding of list, library and other SP core aspects.
      Then you can concentrate on Server Object Model first. (Client Object Model later)

      I prefer you do the Microsoft Certification for SP App Dev.
      This will give you ample confidence so.

      Jean Paul

      1. chandru says:

        Hey jean , thanks again for your suggestions .. I ll start implementing the things u’ve mentioned..
        That includes your ebook also :) glad for ur caring reply..

  6. henry416 says:

    Love your book. Thanks.

    1. Jean Paul says:

      You are Welcome Henry!

  7. kreatyna says:

    I am sure that what you have said will definitely pierce the ears of your readers and make them think more deeply about it

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