SharePoint 2010 – Creating a List Definition using SharePoint Designer

In this article we can experiment with List Definition creation using SharePoint Designer.

We can create List Definition using the following tools:

1. SharePoint

2. Visual Studio

3. SharePoint Designer

To proceed with run the SharePoint Designer application. Use the Open Site button to open the default SharePoint site. Now select the Lists and Libraries option from the left Navigation bar.


From the ribbon menu, use the Custom List button.


In the appearing dialog box enter the Name and Description for the List.


Click the OK button continue. The new List Definition will get added as shown below.


Now use the Edit Columns button from the ribbon menu.


You can see the default Title column already in the list. Add the following 2 columns using the Add New Column button from the ribbon menu.


· ContactName as Single line of Text

· Address as Multiple lines of Text

Now the Columns list look like below:


Click on the Save button from the Top menu.


Now you are ready with the new List Definition. Go back to SharePoint inside browser and you can see the new List there:


You can try adding a new item and the dialog window shows the columns we added.


Click the Save button and this concludes our List Definition creation using SharePoint Designer.


In this article we have experimented with List Definition creation using SharePoint Designer. Designer provides an easier way for Administrators.

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