SharePoint 2013 – Introduction

Welcome to the world of SharePoint 2013. SharePoint 2013 Production version is released & Live implementations are going on. In this article I would like to re-iterate the features of SharePoint as a whole & advantages of going with it.

What is SharePoint?

In short, SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration, content management & extensible platform from Microsoft. The latest release of the product is SharePoint 2013.


What are the previous versions of SharePoint 2013?

The previous 2 versions are MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010.



What are the advantages of using SharePoint?

Depending on the business perspective the Advantages of SharePoint are many:


How to install SharePoint 2013?

As SharePoint is Server side software, it requires Windows Server operating system. You can start with a new installation or use a Virtual Machine.

Once having the operating system ready, you can download & install SharePoint 2013 from the following link:

Hardware Requirements

Following are the core Hardware Requirements:

1. CPU 64-bit

2. RAM 8 GB

3. HDD 80 GB


Software Requirements

Following are the Software Requirements:

1. Windows Server 2012

2. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 64-bit

3. Internet Information Services 7.5

4. Microsoft .Net 4.5


More detailed information can be found here:



In this article we have explored an Overview of SharePoint 2013. In the upcoming articles we can explore more on installation & explore the underlying aspects of SharePoint.

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