How Paid Tools are critical for SharePoint?

In the SharePoint world, there are lot of paid tools by third party companies.

The tools are available in the following areas:

  1. Document Management
  2. Security Management
  3. Backup & Recovery
  4. Reporting
  5. Migration

How Tools are Important?

This purely depends on the scenario:

  1. If your client wanted a quicker solution
  2. If your client wanted a cost effective solution (in the long run)

For example SharePoint provides Backup & Restore, but there are Tools which provide Scheduled Backup, Fine grain Restore etc.  Surely these are time saving factors & the tool is advantageous!

For example without a tool a person of $100 per hour rate has to be employed & 20 times per year thus increasing the cost to $2000.  In this case a tool of $1000 will be saving $1000.

Some of the custom tool providers in SharePoint are:

  1. AvePoint
  2. Telerik
  3. Quest (Acquired by Dell)
  4. Axceler
  5. MetaLogix
  6. Idera


Please note that licensing of tool may change based on the number of farms or servers involved, thereby increasing cost.

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