How to change Password Policy in Windows Server?

While working with Windows Server environments, it is often needed:

  • Changing the Password Length policy
  • Changing the Password History requirement
  • Changing the Password Complexity requirement

How to change Password Length?

Open the run window and enter the following command:

  • gpme.msc


On pressing enter, you will get the following dialog box;


Choose the Default Domain Policy and click the Ok button to continue..


Open the path as shown above (Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Account Policies > Password Policy)

Then double click on the Minimum password length item from the right pane.


Enter the number of characters required and press the Ok button.

Now you have changed the password length policy. 

How to change Password Complexity Requirements?

Now open the item Password must meet complexity requirements item.


Mark the property as Disabled and click OK.  You are done with complexity disabling.

Similarly you can change other policies too.

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  1. jeanpaulva says:

    In Windows 2012, If you find the above properties as disabled, You can follow the comments of this of article:

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