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This is a continuation article of the previous one – SharePoint 2010 Free Project Template which you refer for overview & installation of Project Lite. In this article we can see the various features of Project Lite template.

After installation, we can create new Project Site from the Site Actions > New Site dialog.


Once creating new site, you will be getting the following site screen:


The Project Statement can be set through the left side link.


You can use the tab from main page to set the following:

1. Project Home

2. Project Schedule

3. Project Status

4. Project Configuration


Using the Project Schedule link we can manage tasks in Microsoft Project application style.


The Project Status page shows information on Tasks, Completion Percentage & Other symbols.


The Project Configuration link can be used to change the Project Icon, Theme etc.

There is a document library for storing project related documents.


From the left hand side, you can launch the Project Wiki page.


Project Issues can be managed through the Project Issues link from Quick launch.


Project Members can be managed through the Site Permissions link. Each project member can:

1. View his/her task using My Work link

2. View all tasks using Work link

The links can be found in the Quick Launch as shown below:


So this concludes our overview on the Project Lite template.



This concludes our article on exploring Project Lite site template. In real world scenarios we can use each Project managed as separate sites of same Project Lite template.

The advanced template named Project Structured includes features like Scrum Support, Synchronization with MS Project application etc.

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