Squadron – PowerShell Code Command

Observing the SharePoint Administrators, I found that they need a tool for examining problems with site/list/item objects & a PowerShell code to fix the problem.

As we already integrated Explorer with Properties in Squadron, I thought of easing their second step of using PowerShell code.


Squadron is a Free SharePoint Administration tool available at www.sharepointcto.com.


What does PowerShell Code button do?

You can see the PowerShell Code button in the Explorer add-in.


The command is only available for:

1. Site Collection

2. Site

3. List

4. List Item

On clicking the command (button) you will get the PowerShell Code to point to the item.

For example, I am selecting the Site Collection object & clicking the button.


You can see the code in above screen. The code can be directly pasted to a PowerShell Editor for execution or debugging.

You need to enter your custom code after the last line of generated code :) The generator helps in saving time skipping the plumbing work.

You can even launch PowerShell & PowerShell ISE using the buttons displayed.

Generate List Item Code

Both List & Library are internally Lists for SharePoint. So the list items & documents are the same List Item. You can select the item as shown below.


Click the PowerShell Code button to generate code.


You can launch the PowerShell ISE and paste the code there..


This concludes our article on PowerShell code command in Explorer add-in.




In this article we have explored a possible useful Add-in command option of Squadron. Please let me know about more functionality you need in Squadron.

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