How to enable Performance Point Services?

In this post I would take you through enabling Performance Point Services in SharePoint 2010.

What is Performance Point Services?

Performance Point Services is a Business Intelligence component of SharePoint 2010. It provides the following:

1. Dashboards

2. Score Cards

3. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The infrastructure is provided through service applications, a set of site/site collection features & associated web parts.

Additonally, the “Business Intelligence Center template not found” problem can be solved after enabling Performance Point feature.

What is the site template for creating Performance Point site?

The site template Business Intelligence Center.


Is the template available by default?

No! You need to enable the following features:

1. Performance Point Services

2. Server Side Publishing

The features should be enabled in the site collection & site level.

Central Administration

We need to provision the Performance Point Services in order to enable the feature.

Open Central Administration > Manage Service Applications > Performance Point Services > Secured Store Account


You might need to configure the Secured Store services as well.

Enable Features

Open the Site Collection Features & Activate the following features.



Repeat the same for Site Features as well.


You can try creating a new site from template Business Intelligence Center.




In this article we have explored how to enable Performance Point Services in SharePoint 2010.

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