Squadron Version Cleaner

You can find the documentation of Version Cleaner here.

What is Version Cleaner?

Version Cleaner helps you in recycle/delete unwanted versions.

Why Version Cleaning is important?

As you know SharePoint relies on SQL Server for storage & storage is determined by the size of document/items & each version takes up storage, it is important to clean up versions.

We can choose to remove versions which are created 1 year back.

How to use Version Cleaner?

Run Squadron from Start Menu & Choose Version Cleaner from the left panel.


From the Step 1 panel select your site / library. You will get the library/list populated in Step 2 panel.


Choose the Version Created days & Click the Find button.

If you have versions enabled in some of the libraries & 365 days old versions exists on them, you will get it displayed in the Step 3 pane.



You can choose the following actions:

1. Move to Recycle Bin

2. Delete

Move to Recycle Bin will make the version deleted from list/library & can be restored later.


Choosing Delete will permanently delete the version.

Note: The default version won’t be recycled/deleted.

Check / Uncheck

You can also check/uncheck multiple list/library from the Step 2 pane.



Please note that each version will take up same amount of size. For example a document is of size 1 MB & there are 100 versions, the total size in use will be 100 MB. It is a good practice to include Version Cleanup in Governance Policies.

What is Squadron?

Squadron is a Free SharePoint Administration tool available at www.sharepointcto.com.


How to download Squadron?

Squadron for SharePoint 2010 can be downloaded from link below:


Squadron is built on Click Once deployment, so installation is simple & automatic updates are possible.





In this article we have explored how to use the Version Cleaner add-in for Squadron.

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