3 Type of Apps

In this article I would like to give an overview of the 3 Type of Apps in SharePoint 2013.

3 Type of Apps

The 3 type of Apps are:

1. Immersive Apps (Full Page)

2. App-Parts (Similar to web parts)

3. Custom UI Actions App (Menu items, Ribbon buttons etc.)

Immersive Apps

Immersive Apps are Full Page Apps which takes the entire page view.


App Parts

App Parts are smaller pieces integrated within a page using IFrames. Multiple App Parts can be integrated to a page. They can be compared with web parts.



You can use the Edit Page > Insert App-Part option to include App Parts to your page.

Custom UI Actions Apps

These are custom action components like menu items, ribbon buttons as shown below.


Overview of Apps

1. Apps are self-contained piece of functionality

2. Apps can replace Sandboxed Solutions

3. Apps can be published to the world through Office Store

4. App Catalog Configuration is required to enable Apps

5. Apps supports Client Side Object Model or Server Side Object model depending on the Hosting

6. Apps can be hosted as

a. Auto hosted

b. Provider hosted

c. SharePoint hosted

7. SharePoint hosted Apps only supports CSOM through Scripting language and REST





In this article we have explored the 3 type of Apps.

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