How to add Profile Photo to Active Directory User

In this article I will show the steps involved in setting Photo of an Active Directory User.

You will need a Windows Server machine to perform the activities.

Step 1: Create User

Open Server Manager > Tools menu > Active Directory Users and Computers


Expand domain > Right Click Users  > New > User 


Step 2: Assign Photo

The Active Directory Tool along with Windows Server does not have the Photo-Assign facility.  You can use PowerShell to perform the same.

There is an Active Directory snap-in loaded PowerShell window available.

Click the windows-button to open Start Menu > Choose Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell > Run as Administrator


Step 3: Copy Photo

Create a photo for the user & copy it to your temp folder.


Step 4: Run Command

Run the following command to set the photo to thumbnail property of user profile.

(Please note that the user name (active directory object name) in my case is jpredmond.

Set-ADUser jpredmond -Replace @{thumbnailPhoto=([byte[]](Get-Content “C:\temp\jp.png” -Encoding byte))}


If the command succeeded without error, you are good.

You can see the profile-photo in Outlook Or SharePoint.

Note If you encountered Permission error, open the PowerShell window with Run as different user > Administrator credentials

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