Responsive Web Design vs. Device Channels

Responsive Web Design aims at Optimal Viewing Experience across multiple devices rendering the same HTML content.

  • RWD uses HTML & CSS

Device Channels targets specific master pages for specific mobile devices using device user-agent.

  • DC uses user-agent & master-pages

Both of them provides dynamic viewing experience.

image image

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

  • Same HTML rendered to all devices

  • Search Engine & Indexing friendly

  • No need of JavaScript for rendering

Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

  1. Old browsers might not work

  2. Cannot target for particular device groups (old field mobiles)

  3. Cannot minimize content for low-bandwidth devices

Advantages of Device Channels

  1. HTML Content for targeting particular set of devices

  2. Minimal Content Rendering is possible for low-bandwidth devices

Disadvantages of Device Channels

  1. Only works with Publishing pages

  2. Not friendly with Search Indexing as Same URL renders different HTML

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