Moving Documents between Libraries

Moving documents between libraries seems to be simple.

  • We can use Open with Explorer view, Cut & Paste documents
  • We can use Save as template option
  • We can map network drive to the destination folder

But following challenges exists:

  1. Moving might not retain the Created By, Modified Dates
  2. Moving might not retain the Versions

How to solve the problems?

Content and Structure

Using Content and Structure page we can perform the moving operation.

You need to have Publishing feature enable to use this.


Once it is enabled, you can open Site Actions > Site Settings page.


Using the page we can perform the move operation.

  1. Select the library
  2. Choose the documents
  3. Select Actions > Move from menu



This option does not support moving between site collections.

Further Solution

We can go for third party tools to preserve the metadata, while moving contents.

Sharegate is a good solution in this arena. link


Copy documents between Site Collections

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