How to Crawl another SharePoint site content?

In this article I would take you through Crawling another SharePoint site content.  The second SharePoint site can be a 2010 or 2013 version.

When we require this?

We require this once we have distributed systems & Users required a unified location to search for all SharePoint content.


Please follow the steps below.  I am going to bring a SharePoint 2010 content into SharePoint 2013 system.

Step 1: Open Central Administration

Open your SharePoint 2013 Central Administration.  Choose Manage Service Applications > Search Service Application.


Step 2: Create Content Source

Click on the Content Sources link.


Choose the New Content Source link.


Enter the information for your new content source:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Address

After entering the details Save changes.

Step 3: Crawl

Choose the Start Full Crawl option.


Wait for the crawl to be completed.  Usually it takes 10 minutes for 100 GB data.  You can check the status of crawl periodically.


Step 4: Set Authentication

You might receive Crawl Errors if there is an Authentication Problem.


We need to create a Crawl Rule to specify credentials.  Click on the Crawl Rules link & Create a new Crawl Rule like below.


You need to specify a valid content crawling account & password.  If your site is Anonyumous, choose Anonymous access option.

After saving changes, start full crawl again.

Step 5: Test

Now you can search from your SharePoint 2013 system.  Try to use a SharePoint 2010 content title.



As SharePoint can understand the Metadata of the underling system, we can configure Managed Properties & Search Refiners on the crawled content.


In this article we have explored how to configure a content source to existing SharePoint system.  I hope this scenario would be useful in real-world scenarios.

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