When not to go for SharePoint Online?

When not to go for SharePoint Online?

In this article I would like to share the scenarios where choose not to go for SharePoint Online.

Legal documents

If the client do not wanted to expose their documents over Internet, then obviously SharePoint Online won’t be a right fit for them.

Bandwidth Limits

If your client has bandwidth limits & policies coupled with big-sized document management, then going Online is not a good option.

(Workspace/Shredded Storage are alternative options though)

Offline Accessibility

If your client prefers more offline availability of the documents with easier Sync, then On-Premise would provide better flexibility.

(Groove is an alternative option though)

Connection Speed

On-Premise works better than Online if connection speed is a bottleneck.

Farm Solutions

SharePoint Online does not allow Full Trust/Farm Solutions.  If your project requires that old solutions to be migrated, then going Online would be restrictive.

(Microsoft Support provides a separate path for deploying Farm Solutions but will be process-oriented and you might get delayed with deployment & instrumentation)

Heavy Customization

If heavy customization & flexibility on master pages required then going Online can be restrictive.

The above scenarios restrict us to prescribe SharePoint On-Premise with/without a public-hosting.




In this article we have explored the cases for not going with SharePoint Online.

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