SharePoint Server 2013 Search Features

In this post we can quickly explore the SharePoint 2013 Search features for the Server edition.

Search by Metadata

Additional to Search by Content, SharePoint provides search on Enterprise keywords & Managed Metadata


Search Refiners provides quick filtering of search results using common properties. Search Refiners are displayed in the left pane of the search results page.

Query Suggestions

This feature provides automatic suggestions based on the query string.

Promoted Results

Search Administrator can promote results based on keywords.


Keyword Query Language provides advanced syntax & filtering for query construction.

Search Scopes

Search Scopes allows limiting the search content boundary within a site or site collection.

Search Verticals

Allows filtering of search results by:

1. Everything

2. People

3. Conversations

4. Videos

We can also create custom search verticals.

Result Sources

Result Sources allow to configure external content sources like another SharePoint site, External web site, Federated Bing search etc.

Document Preview

Document Preview allows previewing of Office documents within the search results.

Continuous Crawl

Continuous Crawl enables fresh content to appear in search results.

Display Templates

Allows custom formatting of search results.


In this article we have explored the Search features in SharePoint 2013 Server edition. I believe this will be serve as a quick-reference in SharePoint world.

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