App Development Steps (end-to-end)

In this post we can see the pre-requisites for App Development using Visual Studio 2013 for a SharePoint 2013 On-Premise installation.


Following are the pre-requisites for App Development.

  1. Install SharePoint 2013 link
  2. Promote as Domain Controller link
  3. Configure App Service Applications link
  4. Configure Subscription Service link
  5. Manage App Catalog link
  6. Configure Zone link
  7. Create App User link
  8. Configure App User Permissions link

Once the above steps are performed, you can try create SharePoint Hosted App Or Provider Hosted App following the steps below.

SharePoint Hosted App

  1. Install Visual Studio 2015 link
  2. Create SharePoint Hosted App link
  3. Test SHA link

Provider Hosted App

  1. Create Certificate link
  2. Export Certificate link
  3. Sign Certificate link
  4. Create Provider Hosted App link
  5. Test PHA link


In this post we have explored on how to setup a machine for App Development.

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