OData and Numeric Comparison Filters

In this article we can explore OData using Numeric Comparison filters.

Numeric Comparison Filters

Following are the Numeric Comparison filters available with OData

lt Less Than
le Less Than or Equals To
gt Greater Than
ge Greater Than or Equals To
eq Equal To
ne Not Equal To

Data Preparation

To proceed with the example I encourage you to create a Contacts list with a column named Age of type integer. Please fill some data appropriately.


eq Filter

Following is the example of using Equal filter where the column Age is equal to 30.

http://server/_api/Web/Lists/GetByTitle(‘Contacts’)/Items?$filter=Age eq 30

The result was one list item as per my data.



Please note that uppercase (EQ) won’t work.

ne Filter

Following is the example of using Not Equal filter where the column Age is not equal to 30.

http://server/_api/Web/Lists/GetByTitle(‘Contacts’)/Items?$filter=Age ne 30

Obviously it returned a lot of items.


lt Filter

Following is the example of using Less Than filter.

http://server/_api/Web/Lists/GetByTitle(‘Contacts’)/Items?$filter=Age lt 10

As there are no items with Age less than 10, my result was empty.


Similarly you can play with the remaining Arithmetic operators.




In this article we have explored Numeric Comparison filters of OData on SharePoint 2013 REST services.

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