Sign In as Different User in SharePoint 2013

In this post I will take you through one common real-life scenario in SharePoint 2013.


You are working on a SharePoint site. For testing a page, you need to Sign In as a different user. SharePoint only provides Sign Out menu item.


On clicking the Sign Out you will get signed out & the browser may prompt to close. Once reopening the browser you will be again signed in as the old user. Problem repeats!

How to Sign In as a different user?


SharePoint 2010 had a menu item called Sign in as different user. But Microsoft removed it in SharePoint 2013 for various reasons.


Following are few solutions to apply for the current situation.

Solution 1: URL

You can explicitly use the Close Connection Url with the parameter.


For example if your Site URL is http://server/site

Your final URL will be:


On using the URL you will be prompted with the Sign In box.


Hope this will solve your problem.

Solution 2: IE Settings

Alternatively, you can go to the IE Settings to change the Login option as shown below.

Internet Options > Security (tab) > Custom Level (button) > Prompt for user name and password.



If your Administrator is managing the settings, you will not be able to change it.


In this post we have explored a common real life scenario in SharePoint 2013.

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