Named Items in Excel Web Access Web Part

In this article we can explore how to use Named Items in Excel Web Access web part.

Named Items

Named Items is a feature of Excel which allows Naming few cell area. This makes us easier to integrate the Excel workbook with SharePoint pages. We can show different areas of the same sheet Or different sheet in multiple Excel Web Access web parts.

Create Excel Workbooks

Create an Excel workbook with 2 charts as shown below.


Now select the cells for Chart1 and Right click to get the following menu.


You will get the Name dialog box as shown below. Enter a name Chart1 without spaces.


Now repeat the same for Chart2 area.



Upload the above workbook to SharePoint document library. Create a new page using the Add Page menu item.


Insert two Excel Web Access web parts into the page.


For the first web part:

1. Choose excel document

2. Set Named Item to Chart1 by typing


Now go to the second web part & repeat for Chart2 named item.

Save the page & you can see as shown below.


You can see that different parts of the sheet are displayed here.

Named Items can be used to display information from multiple sheets too.



In this article we have explored how to use Named Items in Excel Web Access web part.

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