Introducing NLayers

I am happy to announce the creation of NLayers template for Visual Studio 2010.



To provide an easier way of creating layered application inside Visual Studio using ASP.NET and Entity Framework.

The features include: Multi Project Creation with all references tied up, Item Templates for Business Logic / Data Access Class and Interface, Instance Manager for object reuse, CRUD wrappers for Entity Framework etc.


The project was created as part of my consulting work and needed to evolve through various suggestions and code generations from the readers like you.  Please have a look on it.

.Net Reflection as the Super Player!

I had queries from my old friends whether this framework also contains .Net Reflection.  I would like to answer Yes & Yes!

NLayers is built with my experience of reflection and it is a reflection of my experience.  Five years back i had a challenging work of creating an ORM.  The framework was build using .Net Reflection.  NLayers too contains reflection to read some core properties.    I would recommend you to learn .Net Reflection which is one of the core .Net capability that made the gate open for lots of frameworks.  Mastering Reflection could make you create tools according to your needs that could reduce much development time in creation and maintenance otherwise.


You can download nlayers from:

The documentation can be downloaded from:


After Installation

After the installation you can create projects using the NLayers project template as shown below.


NLayers also have Item Templates for Business Logic and Data Access items as shown below.


4 thoughts on “Introducing NLayers

  1. sang says:

    Thanks for share.I want to NLayers in Winfrom C# 4.0 and Entity Framework.Can you help me?More than one table in database make example about NLayers.Because I don’t understant NLayers for you.Thanks very much.

    1. Jean Paul says:

      Hello My Dear Friend,

      Thanks for your interest in NLayers.
      I am happy to share an example of [email protected]

      For windows application, please do the following (till i create an example for winforms)
      1. Open the existing example solution.
      2. Add a new project > windows forms application
      3. Make winforms app as startup
      4. Add references to the winforms app (you can check the web app to see what all references to add)
      5. Use the WinApp class instead of WebApp inside your windows application forms

      NLayers is currently used by n number of products in the company where i do consulting.
      So it is being fixed of bugs and running smoothly. If you find any issues please let me know.

      Best Regards,
      Jean Paul V.A

      1. sang says:

        Hi Jean Paul
        Thanks very much about NLayers for you.I understand NLayers .But I have problem with procedure in NLayers.
        Example call procedure return table or procedure udpate insert delete…
        Please help me.

        1. Jean Paul says:

          Hello Sang,

          NLayers is providing an object oriented wrapper using Entity Framework.
          So there is no Datatable / Datasets .. all these are wrapped over and IList/Hashtable are returned.

          You can use the methods of DA classes:
          1. Insert() // to insert an item
          2. Update() // to update an item
          3. Delete() // to delete an item

          4. GetAll() // select all items
          5. Where() // select items by condition

          Please have a look on the example web application, so you will get more idea on it.

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