SharePoint 2010 Project – Foster (Consolidated Article)

In this article I would like to consolidate the information about project named Foster.

What is Foster?

Foster represents Food Stamps Terminal, a department in imaginary company which provides Food Stamps for applicants. The applicant has to undergo a process of approval to get the Food Stamps.  Our aim is to build a SharePoint solution for it.


What are the Files involved?

This project was build using the SDLC principles.

You can find the consolidated Article with Documents & Source code at (my article base):


You can download the source here.

You can also purchase the book from Kindle at Amazon.


I would advise the reader to go through the above order of documents. I request you to understand the requirements and conceptualize the solution yourself. You can use forums / web resources to come with the best solution.

Thinking in the SharePoint Way

I know that you are well versed in providing solutions in the ASP.NET way. But the same solution can be done in SharePoint with more than 50% reduced time. To achieve this you have to practice on the SharePoint skills. To focus more on SharePoint skills development I have discarded the complex business portions from the project.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the project is to give the reader a real time scenario for applying SharePoint 2010 knowledge. There is a good amount of SharePoint 2010 skills involving:

· Architecting

· Development

· Administration

Who can benefit from this?

I target the developers who recently adapted SharePoint skills. This project definitely gives them an opportunity to think in the SharePoint way in solving problems. Plus doing the project yourself will make you build enormous amount of troubleshooting and debugging skills.

What are the skills gained after doing the Project?

Following are the skills gained through this project: (I prefer you learn my eBook first before attempting the project)

1. Web Application

2. Site Collection & Sub Sites

3. Users & Permissions

4. List Definitions, Instances, Views

5. Custom Content Type & List Definition

6. Navigation Links & Quick Launch

7. WebParts

8. SPQuery, CAML & Builder Tool

9. Visual Studio Workflow

10. Server Object Model

11. Client Object Model

12. Search using CAML Query

13. Custom Timer Job & Monitoring

14. Packaging & Deployment

Plus the developer will gain the following experience as well:

  • Windows 2008 Installation
  • Active Directory Configuration
  • SharePoint 2010 Server Installation
  • DNS Configuration
  • SDLC Approach to Projects


I would like to thank the community and my friends who supported in creating this project and the associated documents.


Please find the source code here.


As always there is opportunity to improve, I would like to get your feedback or queries in the design and solution. Together we can improve ourselves and make better products for tomorrow.

Any Helps.. Please contact me through Comments / Email (About screen have Email Address)

I believe helping others keeps us improvised & satisfying!


27 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 Project – Foster (Consolidated Article)

  1. shaik din says:

    Dear Paul,

    Thanks for your exceptional support .

    Can you please provide the links for documents which are not opened in the above section.

    1. Jean Paul says:

      You are Welcome my dear friend!

      But i did not get your question – All the links are valid there.
      If you can specify which link is missing – i can fix it.

  2. shaik din says:

    Dear Paul,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Requirement spec and detailed design etc are not downloadable.
    When i click the link Download nothing happen..If you provide
    those links it will be helpful.
    Am new to sharepoint and i learned sharepoint.
    And your tutorials provide very good stuff and i learned a lot from your book and articles.Thanks for your kind support.

    Shaik Din

    1. Jean Paul says:

      Thank You Shaik!
      I will continue my journey to provide Best SharePoint resources!

      (sorry if i already acknowledged)

  3. anantharengan says:

    wonderful effort

    1. Jean Paul says:

      Thanks a lot Anantharengan..

      Microsoft Technologies is our Passion.. The community is our Audience!

  4. Ankit Tayal says:

    Hi jean,
    Today i was implementing your Project in my local system.Hi jean,
    Today i was implementing your Project in my local system.But encountered some problems which are not there in the documentation as well .Some are as below :

    a. Which type of workflow you are using Sequential or state work flow ?

    b. I selected Sequential work flow as a project but I am not able to deploy on Approval site i.e. on :
    It is giving error ” Error occurred in deployment step ‘Activate Features’: Failed to create workflow association ‘ApprovalWorkflow’. Cannot find SharePoint list with name “Style Library” or GUID “ce72e12d-70c8-4f73-ab5e-2ea6b9cb5998”.

    c. You have not sepecify how to make an external Database entry.Can u please tell me so that i can test TimerJob Project ?

    d. when i doing signout form a sharepoint site , it is giving an error “An error occurred during the compilation of the requested file, or one of its dependencies. The type or namespace name ‘IdentityModel’ does not exist in the namespace ‘Microsoft’ (are you missing an assembly reference?) ”

    I am exactly following your posts 🙂
    Can you please resolve these problems ? Thanks in Advance..


    1. Jean Paul says:

      Hello Ankit,

      The workflow is Sequential.

      Regarding Identity error, you have to install Windows Identity Foundation!

      Jean Paul

      1. Ankit Tayal says:

        Hi Jean,Thanks for the reply.

        But What about these ?

        ” I am not able to deploy on Approval site i.e. on :
        It is giving error ” Error occurred in deployment step ‘Activate Features’: Failed to create workflow association ‘ApprovalWorkflow’. Cannot find SharePoint list with name “Style Library” or GUID “ce72e12d-70c8-4f73-ab5e-2ea6b9cb5998″.

        “c” point i have done .
        did u answer for point “d” ? which is – i need to install Windows Identity Foundation! is it free ?


        1. Jean Paul says:

          Hello Ankit,

          Please change the workflow type as Site Workflow, so error should disappear.

          WIF is free:

          install the latest one from there.

          Jean Paul

      2. Ankit Tayal says:

        Still I am getting this prob
        “Error occurred in deployment step ‘Activate Features’: Failed to create workflow association ‘Approval Workflow’. Cannot find SharePoint list with name “Tasks” or GUID “bab13117-fb03-4482-8423-bffebb77bd92”.
        0 0 Foster.Workflows
        This time i have used your attached code of workflow .but at the time of deployment it gives the above error.

        Do you have any clue ?


        1. Jean Paul says:

          Hello Ankit,

          You can create a Tasks list in the SharePoint site manually.

          Additionally, while creating site use the Team Site template.

          You can refer this article for creating workflow:

          As you suggested I will add guidelines for the SP knowledge prior to project: (i assumed that dev used to read my ebook before attempting this)

          Jean Paul

  5. Ankit Tayal says:

    Also ,there is no guideline how to use webpart project on Search Site.It will be good if you make clear this one also .


    1. Jean Paul says:

      Sorry for the delay if i have not replied already (through email)

      Please use the link:

  6. Anurag Roy says:

    Hi Paul,

    can you please help me on building a application in sharepoint 2010 that will help to drag and drop outlook email to sharepoint library.keeping the meta data same?

  7. Jagan says:

    Hi Paul,

    I am recently started to read your posts in Blog. They are very very useful to any level of programmer to enhance his skills.

    Could you please provide proper links of Foster project documents likd Requirements specification,DDD,Source code and Documentation etc.

    If I click any link it’s showing as “the Page canot be displayed”

    Please kindly provide me, I would like to practice this project.


    1. Jean Paul says:

      Hei Jagan,

      Welcome to the SharePoint community!

      Thank You for the good remarks on my work, after all that is my responsibility to serve the community.
      Regarding the links, I have verified them and it is working, probably your internet settings causing the issues.

      I will do one thing, I will send them to your email. ([email protected])

      Jean Paul

  8. Ankit says:

    Please if possible post 1 more live application for more understanding.:)

    1. Jean Paul says:

      Will do that soon after my book work is completed!

      1. Ankit says:

        ok Thanks Jean,will be waiting for that eagerly 🙂

  9. ranjana says:

    Could you please provide proper links of Foster project documents likd Requirements specification,DDD,Source code and Documentation etc.

  10. ranjana says:


    u mention that purchase the book from Kindle at Amazon (only 1$) but when i purchase that mention pricce above 50$


  11. Mohan Kumar says:

    Hello Jean paul,

    I read your free book. Realy a good book and I realy appriciate your writing skill in which manner you described all the things. Thank you very much for this good and free article.

    Next I was really looking for a good article and content for sharepoint.
    I am wondering from last one year in sharepoint but I don’t have good knowledge. But I feel now that by your book I can get good knowledge of general work what is performed in sharepoint.

    I am also downloading your project based content from c-sharp corner I will also download kindal version. I hope that will also very for me.

    I also expect that you will also right good content for adminstratin for sharepoint. In this the content exist about administration but that is not sufficient as I feel.

    Again I am very thankfull to your this article.

    Mohan Kumar.

    1. jeanpaulva says:

      Thank You Mohan Kumar for the good words.

      I agree that the Admin content is very less, as my day-to-day spent as SharePoint Dev/Arch/Preacher.
      I will focus to serve better 🙂 My next target is a SharePoint Free App, then a Content Management Book & so.

      Jean Paul

  12. Naresh says:

    Which you have given source code link is not working.404 error is coming.

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