SharePoint 2016 Durable Links

Durable Links is a great feature introduced to SharePoint 2016.

The Problem

Once we create a document, share the document url, move the document to another location, the links become invalid!

This is a common problem across IT as there will be bunch of document links created over the years & becoming invalid.

Note: Dropbox too had the problem earlier

The Solution

SharePoint 2016 solves the problem using Durable Links. 

Durable Links are created based on the Unique Document Id.

Durable Links helps Document Renaming, Document Relocating easier without breaking links.



(You can see the Document Id as the last parameter)


Broken Links never happens on Document moving

Library Restructuring is easier

Can rename files without worrying

Document ID Service

We need to activate Document ID Service from Site Collection Features to make Durable Links work.


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