SharePoint 2016 Hybrid

SharePoint 2016 offers more of Hybrid feature.

What is Hybrid?

Hybrid environment contains contents from SharePoint Online & SharePoint On-Premises.

Advantages of SharePoint Online

More availability

No hosting overheads

Easy scalability

Advantages of SharePoint On-Premise

More alignment with Client Data security policies

Can work without need of Internet Or behind Secured Firewalls

Why Hybrid?

Hybrid environment exists to take combination of advantages of above. 

SharePoint 2013 Support for Hybrid

In SharePoint 2013 too we had Hybrid support through Managed Paths & More overheads.

But, In SharePoint 2016 Microsoft understood the customer requirements & complexities, Hence made the Hybrid feature fused into SharePoint 2016.

Features of SharePoint 2016 Hybrid

The core features of SharePoint 2016 Hybrid are:

  1. Hybrid Search
  2. Users can search for a keyword and Hybrid Search returns results from both Online & On-premise.
  3. Easier Configuration
  4. Hybrid configuration is easier in SharePoint 2016 compared with other versions.
  5. Follow
  6. Users can now follow sites regardless whether it is On-Premise or Online
  7. Hybrid Team Sites
  8. Hybrid Team Sites configuration launches the application in respective On-Premise or Online location.

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