Here I am listing SharePoint 2010 articles. You can refer this to start your programming with SharePoint 2010. The associated source code can be downloaded from the ebook link or from

Introduction, Installation, Features

  1. SharePoint 2010 Introduction
  2. Installation on Windows 7
  3. Using Lists
  4. Central Administration
  5. Creating Web Application
  6. New Features
  7. Views, Lookups and Validations in List
  8. Enterprise Document Management
  9. Using Libraries
  10. Web Parts
SharePoint Designer
  1. SharePoint 2010 Designer
  2. Creating List Definition using Designer
  1. Starting Programming
  2. Project Items inside Visual Studio
  3. Server Object Model
  4. Lists and Event Handlers
  5. List – Add, Edit, Delete using Code
  6. Create List Definition using Visual Studio
  7. Create Document Library
  8. LINQ and SPMetal
  9. Client Object Model


  1. Why InfoPath?
  2. What are the InfoPath Tools available?
  3. InfoPath Forms and Rules
  4. Using InfoPath Forms
  5. Auto-Fill text box in InfoPath

An ebook is compiled based on the chapters above plus additional ones.  You can find the ebook here:

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